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Hawaii Biotech, Inc. A privately held biopharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development of human pharmaceuticals including a class of anti-inflammatory small molecules with an unusually benign safety profile with potential reduction or prevention of severe tissue damage in Hepatitis C infection and dengue and malaria vaccines for first world travelers as well as vaccines targeting large first world threats, such as West Nile. www.hibiotech.com

Hoana Medical, Inc. Hoana Medical, Inc is a medical device company that passively collects patient vital signs in a bold new way. The company's revolutionary, patented PSA™ (Passive Sensory Array) technology allows for non-contact measurement of vital signs, eliminating the need for direct patient connections. www.hoana.com

Hoku Scientific, Inc. A leading developer and provider of proprietary fuel cell solutions. We focus on innovative new component and system designs that offer breakthrough capability in the rapidly emerging fuel cell market. www.hokuscientific.com

Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NP, formerly PS Parmaceuticals, is a California based biotech start-up that acquired the IP rights for a late-stage pharmaceutical product, SP-303, which is a proprietary (compostion of matter patent issued worldwide) naturally occurring compound that targets the IBS market opportunity. NP seeks final development and commercialization of SP-303, which has already demonstrated statistically significant efficacy and long-term safety in a niche indication. www.napopharma.com

Exclusive Resorts, LLC Exclusive Resorts is the pioneer and global leader in the luxury residence club industry. It offers its members guaranteed anytime, anywhere access to an unparalleled portfolio of the finest multi-million dollar residences in the world's most desirable destinations. Exclusive Resort residences combine the size and elegance of a luxury home with the services, amenities and pesonalized attention of a luxury resort.www.exclusiveresorts.com

First Pacific Bank of California Dedicated to providing exceptional personalized banking service to the community of San Diego. The bank seeks to be the leading provider of commercial banking services to its target market of small to mid-sized businesses and professionals. (OTCBB: FPBS) www.1stpacbank.com

Lanka Bell Lanka Bell (Pvt) Ltd is a licensed major telephone operator in Sri Lanka, which has a population of approximately 20 million. In the 1990's, it was the largest investment ever approved by the country's Board of Investment, and is now quite profitable and has no debt. The Company is a leading innovator in the market, having been first to introduce broadband wireless access, first to offer free Internet services, first to offer prepaid IDD with universal access, first to provide VSAT service in Jafna. www.lankabell.net

Talk Story Productions TalkStory Productions is a film and TV production company based in Hawaii. TalkStory is co-producing the series "Beyond the Break" for the cable channel network, The N, a Viacom station. The premiere episode aired on June 2006, and is scheduled for two seasons.

Cardax Pharmaceuticals Cardax(TM) Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a Hawaii based drug discovery and development company that spun off from Hawaii Biotech, Inc. It is focused on developing effective therapeutics for large, unmet needs in the area of inflammatory medicine. The Company's first products target cardiovascular disease, the largest sector of the pharmaceutical industry with annual sales worldwide of more than $70 billion. www.cardaxpharma.com

Pipeline FX Founded in Hawaii, Pipelinefx produces Qube!, software that manages thousands of simultaneous 3D graphics programming tasks on large clusters of computer servers called render farms. Originally built for Square USA's groundbreaking film "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within", the first fully-animated feature film, Qube! embodies 12 years of development, more than $2.5 million of investment, and includes several patent-pending techniques for batch queuing, process control, and render farm management. These techniques increase production throughput while significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to render frames for animation in movies and games. www.pipelinefx.com

It’s All About Kids It’s All About Kids (IAAK) is a Hawaii based company that provides Supplemental Educational Services (SES) to kindergarten through 8th grade students of Hawaii. The company provides Supplemental Educational Services (SES) in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). Under NCLB, economically disadvantaged families whose children attend schools that have been identified as being “in need of school improvement, Year 2” have the right to select a state-approved SES provider to deliver federally-funded academic tutoring services to their children.

Micronesia Registration Micronesia Registration Advisors, Inc. (MRA) is a corporation registered and headquartered in the Federal States of Micronesia (FSM). MRA was awarded the exclusive contract to promote the FSM's corporate registry in Japan. www.micronesiaregistration.com

The HEAVEN Fund The HEAVEN Fund is a private equity fund which provides individual investors with a diversified portfolio of early stage investments. The fund allows for co-investment of funds with Hawai'i Angels, a private equity investment network, and follow on funding independently placed by the managing partners.



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