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Opae Research Investors LLC (ORI)
In 2003, for the third consecutive year, PCC engineered an innovative project financing structure for a leading international agro-business company. Equity raised by PCC from a number of leading Hawaii based individual and corporate investors was utilized by Moana Technologies, Inc., a Qualified High Technology Business, to complete the development of a state of the art aquaculture research facility on the Big Island and to create over 35 permanent high technology research jobs.

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Aquatic Research Investors LLC (ARI)
In 2002, for the second year in a row, PCC raised equity for Moana Technologies, Inc., the Hawaiian research subsidiary of a leading International Agro-business Company. Funds generated by PCC from institutional and individual investors were utilized by the Department of Taxation approved Qualified High Technology Business to begin work on a permanent research facility to be built on the Big Island.

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Aquaculture Investors LLC (AI)
In 2001, in close coordination with KPMG and Cades Schutte Fleming & Wright, PCC pioneered an innovative project financing structure that helped persuade a leading International agro-business company to select Hawaii for the location of its state of the art new aquaculture research facility. Moana Technologies, Inc., a Department of Taxation Qualified High Technology Business, ws created in Hawaii to utilize the equity raised by PCC to commence work on a ten-year research program in Hawaii.

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